Static Welfare Management

8point8 offer main contractors a one-stop shop to locate, set up and manage onsite welfare compounds. We assist our clients in the process of procuring compound sites from third party landowners and undertake necessary clearance works to make compounds suitable for traversing. We provide dedicated on-site staff to manage compound facilities throughout the project duration and offer full demobilisation and reinstatement of compound areas.

Mobile Welfare Management

For the monitoring of larger areas such as exhibitions, festivals, special events, demolitions, and a wide variety of shows we can combine multiple STSO CCTV towers into the Mobile Welfare Unit (MWU) / Command Centre. We supply both static and mobile solutions tailored to meet the requirements of your site. This multi-purpose hub allows numerous STSO CCTV cameras to be viewed from one control centre. It can be rapidly deployed and set up in less than 30 minutes and features enough room for up to 10 personnel. Additional options can include a telephone, wireless printer and WiFi connectivity for laptops and tablet devices.

The MWU is a road towable unit complete with various features such as;

  • Diesel night heater
  • Auto stop / start – 6 KVA generator
  • High-security design features
  • On-board facilities including; W/C, microwave, kettle and hot running water
  • Separate drying room
  • Internal / external LED lighting
  • Complete office in a box

We offer bespoke versions of our MWU in various configurations to suit individual site requirements and environments.